About SOS

It’s often said that Latin America is not for beginners. Nothing compares to having eyes and ears on the ground all year round, and not just a couple of times a year.

International education entities are under increased pressure to recover in a post-Covid world.  SOS Latin America Education Consultancy offers a full suite of services to help universities and colleges to first define what they desire in Latin America.  From this, we build a unique strategy with clearly defined action points.

Whether universities wish to set up a Latin America regional office, or just get some short term guidance on getting the tone right, SOS is here to help.

There are huge opportunities in Latin America. Some international colleges and universities may seek to address local skills shortages by offering micro-credentials.  Other universities might look to partnership with governmental or philanthropic entities and help young people in the region to access world quality education through education credit systems, etc.

With stretched resources, it is a relief for international colleges and universities to know that by connecting with SOS Education Consultancy, you have Latin America covered.

SOS Latin America education consultancy is an international company managed by Sarah O’Sullivan, a higher education consultant in the region since 2013.  SOS offers boutique market research services for international education clients, and a full suite of follow-on services, including in-market representation, event management, brand building, social media management, and public relations.

If it’s related to Latin America and education, SOS can help.

SOS Latin America Education Consultancy helps international universities to build effective and recognisable brands in the region.  This allows universities to develop smart strategies with clear action plans to deliver long term results.

Founder and director Sarah O’Sullivan (SOS) has worked as a Latin America Education Consultant since 2013.  As a result, she maintains wide networks of schools, universities, agents and government personnel in the region. Current and former SOS clients include a range of government agencies, schools, colleges, universities and ed tech companies.

Founder Sarah O’Sullivan has an academic background in social science and journalism.  With her experience in Latin America, SOS Education Consultancy offers bespoke market research for international education entities that wish to develop deeper connections in the wider Latin America region.  The growing SOS team across Latin America means actions can be delivered in a prompt and efficient manner.

Sarah is a member of the international directorate of ANEBHI (Brazilian National Association for Hybrid Education).

As well as having an extensive network of agents, universities and schools across the region, SOS Latin America Education Consultancy has close links with a vast network of bi- or trilingual colleagues and contractors across Latin America, including Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

This network includes journalists, digital marketers, researchers, academics, events planners, video producers, designers, PR and paid media professionals.

The SOS network allows for a huge amount of geography to be covered instantly, whether this is with delivery of focus groups, the organization of networking events or thoughtful media placement.

We’ve got Latin America covered.