University Strategy Development for Latin America

Does your university have a strategy for Latin America?  Is it effective?  When was it last updated?   The best strategy to use in this region depends entirely on your specific institutional objectives and identified targets. It sounds obvious, but in recent years there has been such pressure to meet the bottom line.  International officers juggle long haul agendas, sometimes with disappointing or immeasurable results.  Some strategies enjoyed little success. In many cases, not enough time was spent to fully identify desired outcomes before defining clear action plans.

It is always worthwhile to step back and take a broader view at your the strategic plan for Latin America you are using as a guide.  What is the desired end result? Are you looking for research partners in Latin America? Are you looking to build the brand recognition of your institution? Maybe you just want to recruit students. If so, to what courses? Are there specific faculties in your institution that wish to recruit? Is there a local demand or skills shortage in your target market? Where are the students with the profile you are looking for?
Where do they go to access information?

Try to avoid being all things to all people.  Rather, define a set of unique selling points that align with your target market niche. Don’t waste money following the herd.  With Latin America Education Market Research tailored specifically to your institutional objectives, a effective strategic plan can be made.  Identify goals, and make an action plan to reach them.  If you don’t have the resources to be in the market as often as you might like, ask us about our Latin America University Representation.

SOS Latin America Education Consultancy is here to help.  It’s what we do.

What is your university's strategic plan for Latin America?