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University brand development

University brand development is more important now than ever.  With the rapid advent of online recruitment events, many university reps spend hours meeting students.  We all know that some events are better than others. However, as students enter virtual event lobbies, do they notice your logo? What does it mean to them? Does it inspire confidence? Are they clear on your offer?

Develop your university brand name in Latin America, so that students know who you are and what you offer. Are you particularly good at some niche areas? Is that what students think about when they see your logo?

How does your price point compare to the local offer? Many international universities are surprised to learn of pricing in private universities in Latin America. Tuition can often be cheaper overseas than in the region (although the word ‘cheap’ must be avoided at all costs). Making a valid argument regarding cost benefit is an integral part of defining the offer an international recruiter makes to Latin America students, agents, etc.

Speaking to thousands of students at fairs around Latin America, it’s easy to walk away with the idea that no-one can afford international education. “They are all looking for scholarships” is a common refrain in the aftermath of massive student events. However, it is important to note that the concept of scholarship is not only related to financial necessity, and it’s important to clarify this when marketing scholarships in the region. For many families, the recognition of their child’s grades, in the form of a merit based scholarship, has much greater value in terms of boasting potential, than monetary terms.

It’s important to be aware of student mobility trends in target markets, before presuming people can’t afford the course on offer. Make strategy from market insight, rather than from presumptions. There are many ways to develop a university or college brand in Latin American markets, and the strategy will vary depending on a myriad of factors.  Your personalised Latin America Education Market Research will directly inform your strategy and actions needs for your university brand development in the region.

Talk to us today and let’s develop a plan to build your unique brand in Latin America.

Intelligent university brand development is important for Latin American markets