Social Media

Latin America Social Media

Latin American students spend a lot of time online.  Therefore, it makes sense the international universities that want to connect with them should have an impactful and strategic Latin America social media presence.

There are many ways to reach potential students, and a multi-faceted approach is good and generally works well, with some approaches suiting specific markets more than others. Young people in Latin America spend huge amounts of time online, so ensure that you are reaching students where they are.  Make sure that you are talking their talk, and getting your messaging across in a fun way.

It’s not always necessary to go for the hard sell on social media. In fact, often that is not the best approach to use. However, by creating interesting, fun and engaging content on your Latin America social media feeds, students start to recognise your university brand and the unique accolades this brand represents.

Remember, even though many countries in Latin America speaks Spanish, the way of speaking can vary quite a bit from one country to the next.   It is important that your marketing material and social media messaging hits the right tone.

Does your engagement on Latin America social media platforms hit the right tone for students?