SOS Education Consultancy Clients

“SOS Education Consultancy did an amazing job helping Hi Bonjour to plan and host a virtual fair in September 2021.  We worked together for around four months, from the concept creation to the execution of the event and director SOS spared no efforts to ensure the fair was a great success. 

She was always available, brought important direction in the planning process, and handled the relationship with our clients (Canadian colleges and universities) in an impeccable manner.  Hi Bonjour highly recommends the work of SOS Education Consultancy.  We will definitely engage SOS for support in future events. “

Camilla Lopes, Zuly Moreira & Thaís Della Nina

Founders & Directors

Hi Bonjour Student Travel Agency, Canada

“SOS Education Consultancy are experts in this region and working with director Sarah O’Sullivan was a hugely positive experience. Her unique insights and attention to detail, along with her quickly gained knowledge of our institution and tailored recommendations have allowed us to build a clear focus for the coming years in Latin America. We would highly recommend SOS Education Consultancy to any institution looking to increase their regional presence and maximise return.

​​National College of Ireland was delighted to engage SOS Education Consultancy in a piece of research on the key features and current trends of international student mobility in Latin America. The resulting research was of an excellent standard and has informed NCI Latin America strategy, helping us to focus on key actions and activities to provide the best return and success on our efforts, while ensuring that we are meeting the needs of students, graduates and partners from the region, forging successful relationships and building an excellent brand profile for NCI in the region.”

Harriet Le Good

Regional Manager

National College of Ireland

“Fanshawe College participated in Canada Careers, an online student recruitment event focussed on Brazil and certain countries in Latin America in September 2021. The event was amazing, congratulations to SOS and the Hi Bonjour team for your excellent work during the whole planning process. I really appreciate the care, kindness, professionalism and your total dedication to make the event such a great success. The event was incredible.”

Bruno Rodrigues

International Education Advisor

Fanshawe College, Canada

“Sarah O’Sullivan collaborated with the University of Limerick for over 10 years and has been a wonderful colleague over that time. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and inspiring. The director of SOS Education Consultancy has an excellent understanding of International Education, including a full appreciation of the student needs and the university’s strategic priorities. I highly recommend SOS to any stakeholder in the field of international education.”

Josephine Page

Director UL Global

University of Limerick

“Georgian College participated in Canada Careers, a virtual student recruitment event for Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru), organised by SOS Education Consultancy, in partnership with Hi Bonjour. It was really amazing and a huge success. Thank you so much for all your hard work that made the event so extraordinary. I hope I can participate in other events that include a “touch” of SOS expertise.”

Oswaldo Soubihe

International Education and Development

Georgian College, Canada

“At the Higher Education Authority of Ireland, it was my great pleasure to work over a period of years with Sarah O’Sullivan of SOS Education Consultancy during the course of the innovative Brazilian programme Science without Borders. Her guidance, professionalism and in-country experience were pivotal in making Ireland a Top 10 country of choice for Brazilian university students.

Director SOS brings a wealth of experience to the task of building international education collaborations, knowledge accumulated over the years in Brazil and across Latin America. Her Irish origins are hugely helpful in building synergies with European partners that have diaspora and historic connectivity with the continent. As an international education expert, Sarah appreciates that for partnerships to endure and prosper, the challenge is to create relationships with depth and mutual benefits. A talented media professional, SOS Education Consultant brings a range of talents that I can only fully endorse.”

Gerry O’Sullivan

Head of International Education

Higher Education Authority of Ireland

“Sarah O’Sullivan, of SOS Education Consultancy, has the utmost professionalism and knowledge of not only the Higher Education sector in Latin America, but in all aspects of education. She is an expert in her field, not only with her knowledge, but with her vast networks and years of experience. I would highly recommend SOS to colleagues in the education industry, knowing that they would benefit from her excellent support services.

SOS Education Consultancy helps tremendously in the overall higher education sector. They get the job done, are true to their word, and always a great asset to work with. I highly recommend SOS Education Consultancy.”

David Bradley

International Manager (Europe and the Americas)

Dundalk Institute of Technology

“THEA has worked in the South American market for a number of years with SOS Education Consultant. Her experience in the Brazilian market was invaluable to us, enhanced by her knowledge and understanding of the Irish education system and our market priorities. Director SOS helped us build lasting partnerships with government agencies and universities and organised many events to support our efforts. I would recommend SOS Education Consultancy to anyone seeking advice and support for their activities in South American markets.”

Miriam Ryan

Head of International Education

Technological Higher Education Association of Ireland

“I have worked with SOS Consultancy for many years on a number of different projects, ranging from specific institutional projects, large research consultancy projects for multinational education companies, as well as fintech companies looking to launch in Latin America. Sarah is a highly knowledgeable colleague with an eye for detail and immense capacity for strategic analysis. Her unique knowledge set and ability to cross between educational contexts makes her an invaluable asset to anyone looking to build lasting relationships in the region.”

Justin Axel-Berg

Research Consultant

Cormack Consultancy Group

Public policy researcher and Research coordinator of Projeto Métricas

Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of São Paulo, Brazil

“Sarah O’Sullivan from SOS Education Consultancy is an absolute dream to work with. I would highly recommend SOS services to any colleagues working in the education industry. An expert in her field, Sarah is not only very knowledgeable about higher education internationally, she is also a great connector of people, due to her extraordinary social and emotional intelligence.

She is always alert to opportunities to facilitate positive change in the lives of those she encounters and she does this with ease, grace and a warm sense of humour. In our case, she was constantly thinking of prospective partnerships that would match well with Mary Immaculate College in terms of our academic offerings, expertise in the field of teacher education and humanities and student-centred approach. She had the market insight and foresight to know what would work well for both parties, and was always full of encouragement to both sides allowing more collaborative possibilities than we would have imagined without her intervention.

SOS Education Consultancy was instrumental not only in helping MIC to build active partnerships with prestigious universities throughout Brazil, but also in developing a weeklong programme for the top 30 teachers in Brazil to come to Ireland in 2018, hosted by MIC. This led to a scholarship from CAPES for 19 principals and school leaders in Brazil to come to Ireland in 2019/20 for a Graduate Diploma in Mentoring and Leadership in Schools. A number of those participants were funded by MIC to progress to a Master of Education degree and are due to graduate in October 2021. SOS has made a great difference to many of our lives, both here in Ireland and in Brazil. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending the work of SOS Education Consultancy and look forward to working together on many more exciting projects and collaborations.”

Holly Cowman

Director of International Engagement

Mary Immaculate College

“I worked with Sarah O’Sullivan (SOS) as part of an Ireland Brazil research engagement programme funded by the Irish state. Sarah was instrumental in our engagement with academic researchers based in Brazil and was responsible for building relationships with Brazilian academics and their institutions. SOS was a conscientious, innovative and driven individual who was able to manage a difficult role whilst operating as the sole representative in Brazil.

The enthusiasm for every aspect of her role was evident and came through in the success of the events she hosted as well as in the long term relationships developed. I would recommend SOS Education Consultancy to anyone interested in engaging with educational institutions in Brazil.”

Kieran O’Dwyer

Senior Research Officer

Research Brazil Ireland - A Science Foundation Ireland funded project, headed by Dublin City University

“Sherlock Communications worked with SOS on several projects in recent years. She has conducted market research and analysis for a range of Sherlock clients in the areas of education, tourism, business and finance, and she has also curated and written a selection of hugely popular e-books on topics such as SEO, blockchain technology and corporate social responsibility for us.

She is like an encyclopaedia when it comes to education, and her network of contacts in the region is unrivalled. SOS Education Consultant is an expert in the area of higher education, and has a great capacity to view our target markets in Latin America with optimistic realism, spotting niches for our clients. Sarah, the director, is an excellent communicator, and a great person to know!”

Patrick O’Neill

Managing Partner

Sherlock Communications

“Sarah O’Sullivan’s regional knowledge and work ethic are unrivalled and she has a very impressive contact base. It was a great pleasure to work with SOS Education Consultancy both in Ireland and in Brazil, due to her courteous nature and exceptional professionalism. I would have no hesitation to recommend SOS Education Consultancy to any colleagues in the Research or Higher Education fields.”

Dr Liam Brown

Vice President Research, Development & Innovation

Limerick Institute of Technology

“We have known and worked with SOS Education Consultancy for a number of years. Their in-depth knowledge of the international education market in Brazil and fresh and strategic approach to new market opportunities allowed us to develop and explore new avenues. We have always found them to be highly professional and reliable.”

Mauro Biondi

Managing Director

Emerald Cultural Institute

“University College Dublin worked with Sarah O’Sullivan (SOS) during her time as Brazil representative for Education in Ireland (EI). I was always struck by her high level of professionalism, the depth of her market knowledge and the breadth of her network. Her service and dedication to EI’s university clients was always exemplary. The market intelligence and support she gave us was second to none. SOS is a true expert in the field and I would highly recommend SOS Education Consultancy services to colleagues in the education industry.”

Enda Carroll

Associate Director UCD Global

University College Dublin

“Athlone Institute of Technology has worked with SOS for the past seven years, guiding our recruitment strategy in Brazil, and organising events and networking activities on our behalf. SOS Education consultancy is very professional and a pleasure to deal with. They have high quality contacts in the market and a deep level of insight into international education. I would have no hesitation in recommending SOS Education Consultancy to any colleagues working in international education.”

Karl Turley

Deputy Director of International Relations (Non EU Markets)

Athlone Institute of Technology

“Marketing English in Ireland has worked with Sarah O’Sullivan (SOS) in the area of International Education for several years, specifically in the world of English Language Education and the progression of international students in Ireland from the sphere of acquisition of English language skills to third level colleges and universities.

SOS has a total understanding of the range of education systems across Latin America and the opportunities for students in those countries to develop their English language skills and their pathway to third level education. Her experience of working with both private and state educational establishments in Ireland qualifies her to uniquely advise education stakeholders that wish to create a greater brand presence in Latin America. I highly recommend SOS Education Consultancy.”

David O’Grady

Chief Executive Officer

Marketing English in Ireland