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Latin America is often underestimated by international universities and student recruitment teams. This is one of the most unequal parts of the world, in terms of income distribution.  However, the potential for scientific collaboration and student recruitment in the region is immense. 

Education attainment rates have improved greatly in recent years.  The impact of the global pandemic has yet to be fully assessed and understood.  However, the demand for education and qualifications can only grow.

As local economies recover and grow, there are acute skills shortages that are not being met by the local market offer. Of particular note is a dearth of the so-called 21st century skills, often not delivered through antiquated university courses structures.

With informed insight and strategy, international universities can find an appropriate level of engagement in specific Latin American countries, and become part of a bigger story of progress in the overall region.

There is such cultural diversity in the vast region that is Latin America.  This means that a one-size-fits-all approach is not the best strategy for international educators that wish to connect, partner, and recruit. Personal connections are hugely important and regional diversity is necessary when planning effective education brand building across Latin America.

SOS is an independent education consultancy specialising in higher education in Latin America, operating from a base in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. SOS offers a full umbrella of services to help international colleges and universities create lasting relationships in Latin America. After all, we base our advice and strategy on up-to-date market knowledge and insights through vast networks of collaborators.

Ultimately, we spot market needs, and help our clients to build strategies to meet them. We deliver for our clients through our SOS personalised service, localised representation, and much more.  SOS Education Consultancy enjoys a large network of colleagues and collaborators throughout Latin America, allowing our clients to be resourceful and impactful with international office budgets.

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