Education Marketing in Latin America

When designing material for your university education marketing in Latin America, what factors do you consider?  How long has your university been using the same materials?  Do you use the same template for different markets?

Are your university brochures written in the language that your students (and their parents) speak? While the students may need fluency in English in order to study at your institution, often it is the parents that are footing the bill. They need to fully understand the offer and the student supports available before they can trust you with the education of their son or daughter.

Do you know the local terminology that is used to describe matters relating to university life? Or, are you using terminology that makes sense in your world, but is maybe not as universal as you thought? If you are to invest in marketing material, then it makes sense to first invest some thought and ensure the most frequently asked questions are dealt with, enticing further engagement with potential students.

For example, internationally mobile students from Chile are not likely to want to immigrate after completion of their studies, they are much more likely to return home again. For Brazilians, it is the opposite – huge numbers want to leave and are not looking backwards. Designing marketing materials for these two groups, it’s obvious that more than just a translation between Spanish and Portuguese is needed – there are some information points that are more relevant to one cohort than to the other. Small insights can lead to big advances.

It is important to know your audience and understand their pain points, so that you can reassure students with your messaging. SOS reviews your marketing material to ensure it covers the right bases, and will make sure that your messaging is in the right language and tone. With the correct messaging, the next step is to ensure that it is seen in the right place. The best place to reach students depends on who the student is, their nationality, age, and a myriad of other factors. Our research and experience helps to guide and constantly update our understanding on the best ways to reach students and other important stakeholders in Latin America.

Does your university have specific material for education marketing in Latin America?