Private School Networks in Latin America

When developing private school networks in Latin America, it is worth investing  time and having patience enough to reap the benefits.  Some strategies are a medium or long terms investment.  High school students that plan to study overseas will already be making plans from the age of fourteen or fifteen.  They will not make a flash decision on where to study as a knee jerk reaction to a particularly engaging Instagram live.  Rather, this life changing decision will be the fruit of painstaking research by both the students and their parents.

Engagement with high school counsellors in the right schools is hugely important.  These are key personnel while teenagers are confused and wondering the best direction to take.  In Latin America, there is not a lot of awareness of destinations outside of the US and the UK. This is because both markets invested heavily in Latin America for some time, when other countries were not doing so, or perhaps engaging in an ad hoc manner.

International universities should be prepared to educate counsellors, students and their parents about much more than just the academic offer. They want to know about life on campus and in the city. Parents want to know about safety and return on investment. Students love to hear about the active social life on and off campus.

It’s important to think outside the box too, and some SOS clients have focused not only on the recruitment of students for undergraduate programmes, but also on the massive potential for in-service training for teacher networks.  SOS helps clients to imagine new spaces.

SOS Education Consultancy works with a wide network of schools in Latin America, and will help you to plan your best strategy.

Build a private school network in Latin America