Recruiting students from Latin America

Does your university recruit students from Latin America on an ad hoc basis? How did they find out about you? Do you have an effective communication plan to engage student leads? What system is in place to rate and monitor leads?

There are many strategies that work well when recruiting undergraduate and postgraduate students from Latin America, and a mixed approach is generally the best way forward. But, rather than throwing money at a load of marketing strategies, it’s good to know what each market wants, and how to best approach with your value offer.

According to UNESCO, more than 340,000 students from Latin America study abroad on an annual basis. Do you know what the best markets are for student recruitment in Latin America? Have you defined what courses are most marketable in each target market? Do you know how to efficiently reach students?

Many international universities receive student enrolments from Latin America without much resource intervention.  Often international officers cannot explain how a few students in Panama and a couple from Costa Rica ended up on campus. There can be a number of reasons that students find their way.  Even when there has been little or no marketing engagement in a specific market. It can be down to chance, or there can be an actual explanation.

Exploring trends and understanding current market profiles in different countries around the region can lead to really smart Latin America student recruitment strategies.  And, it does not need to cost a fortune. With concise market intelligence, universities can understand how local students think, and what time of year they are looking for options.

What is the best month to recruit students in Latin America?  Student recruitment tends to be condensed into March and September each year. But, are these the best months to recruit students?  Are they a reflection on when students really make decisions?

Rather than hopping onto a plane and racing to a packed schedule twice a year, there is a lot that can be done subtly to raise brand awareness throughout the year. Then, students will be lining up to hear your offer when you are in-market.

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Define a strategic plan to recruit students from Latin America