Latin America University Partnerships

Latin America University Partnerships can be a great way to build positive connections in the region.  However, it is important to fully define what you would like from the partnership before filling a drawer in your office with lots of memoranda of understanding.  Often the ink has faded on these agreements and signatories have forgotten what they were based on.  It is necessary to assess the achievable metrics before moving forwards.

It might look good on your international office webpage to boast of many partnerships in Latin America.  But, there is not much point if they are not active and mutually beneficial.  It is worth bearing in mind that many public universities in the region will require at least some fee-free student exchange as part of a Latin America university partnership. Is this what you are looking for? How can you use this student exchange to the benefit of your strategic pursuit in target markets?

When seeking international partners, what basis do you use to find suitable candidates? Do you limit your search to the top ranked universities in the country? It’s worth considering the size and direction of your own institution when considering who to connect with. Some top universities in Latin America are in such demand by international players, that they simply don’t have time to invest in any real engagement. Often, it is the smaller universities that will have a most acute need and desire to engage.  Remember, internationalisation is important for them if they are ever to climb the rankings ladder.

SOS Education Consultancy will help define the potential from Latin America university partnerships, and help to identify the best match for your institution in whatever market you decide to focus on.

Who are your Latin America University partners? Are the partnerships mutually beneficial?