Latin America Education Events

There are many Latin America Education Events to chose from.  This ranges from student recruitment events to academic conferences, from agent networking events to high level Ministerial meetings.

The experience of online fairs is a mixed bag. Often, universities pay thousands of dollars to participate in events.  But the return on investment can be unclear. This may be due to the quality of the event.  It may be because of the quality of the students that were attracted to attend.  Or perhaps, the communications strategy did not hit the right note after students registered.  Sometimes, the platforms we use don’t allow us to effectively rate students we meet.  Even worse, international officers often don’t have enough time to do the necessary follow up after the event.

SOS Education Consultancy has partnerships with various technology providers, and can organise your virtual student recruitment event from start to finish. All events should not be the same, and each interaction event, whether presencial or virtual, should stand out and engage on its own merits.  We have years of experience organising all sorts of Latin America Education Events – click here to see some of our work.

Contact us today to find out about the best recruitment events in your target markets, or let’s plan a boutique event just for your institution. We can organise networking events, webinars, virtual recruitment events.  Whatever you need, SOS can make it happen.

What are the Latin America education events your brand should be seen at?